Robocalls are Vital to the Integrity of the Political Process. Here’s How...

The American political process has been dominated by a two party system since our great country was founded. In modern times, this process has involved many different types of groups that influence how the public perceives the candidates running for the many governmental offices open in each election. This perception is influenced by a variety of paths campaigns use to get their candidate noticed including Robocalls.

Where does the Campaign Money come from?

Lobbyists, special interest groups, unions, philanthropic backers, and private citizen donations work behind the scenes to help propel their favored candidates to the forefront of what the public sees.

The special interest groups and philanthropists are the largest source of revenue while the lobbyists are attempting to influence the policies of the candidates. Candidates need these types of backing to help separate them from others running for office by providing the funds for greater exposure in the media.

What is the Campaign Money spent on?

The money these behind the scenes groups provide is what funds the campaign of a particular candidate. But sometimes, one must ask themselves where does all the campaign money go?

It buys air time for political ads on TV, spots in the newspapers and online media sources, rental costs for chairs and venues to hold rallies, phone and text messages including Robocalls, fundraising events, media spotlight events, staff salaries, transportation costs, building and equipment rental bills along with printing costs for posters, flyers and billboards to name a few.

All of the money raised by the candidate’s campaign has only one goal: to present the person running for office in a favorable light so the public will cast a vote for them on election day. Once the votes are counted on election day, the candidate with the most votes in each race is then be declared the winner, except in the case of the office of President.

The President of the United States is elected to office after the votes are counted and delegates are assigned to the number of votes the candidates have in each state. These delegates then cast votes and elect the president.

Why are Robocalls Important for this Process?

Robocalls are very important to a political campaign because the messages that are sent out are directly from the candidate whose campaign is funding the calls. These messages are factual and informative so the prospective voters can hear the true message of the candidate sending them out. This true message is made possible by removing the third party source reverberating the message as the media does.

In today’s world of mass media, messages are interpreted and opinions are made on what a candidate is saying. This occurs so many times that the true meaning and message itself can get lost. Robocall messages are straight from the source without any other interpretation or opinion injected into them.
Robocall messages also make it possible for any fake news to be directly addressed by the candidate. This fake news can be positive or negative. One fact remains, a candidate only wants the truth out there. This way the fake story will not be able to haunt the candidate further down the road on the campaign trail.

The robocall message is also a direct line to the voters. This is advantageous to have in a candidate's arsenal of tools during a campaign. It can help address issues like when an unsavory detail about a candidate’s past is revealed. By using the robocall messages to quickly address the issue it will show the voters how the candidate is willing to take responsibility for the action or event by addressing the issue. This is very much preferred by voters instead of a candidate sidestepping it or avoiding it. Integrity of a candidate will win over many undecided voters when the time for casting a vote comes.

The Simple Reminders

Robocalls are used to send out direct messages to the voting public, but they are so much more. The most important service a robocall can do is remind the voters to vote in the days before an election and on election day itself.

This reminder to vote is the little nudge many voters need to actually head out to the polls, by reminding them their vote counts. Many Americans have become complacent and feel their vote is just one of so many so why cast it. With the simple robocall reminder, it is instilled that their vote does count and it is very important.

While the casting of a vote is the most important task of a voter, attending a rally is a close second. Robocall reminders are also sent out to voters when a rally is being held in their area. It is the rallies and the number of people that turn out for them that helps to influence the undecided voter who is worthy of their vote.

The media not only reports on what a candidate says in their message at a rally, but also the number of voters who turn out for the rallies. The larger the crowd, the more it will influence the undecided voter in a positive direction toward a candidate. By encouraging those voters that already back a candidate to show up and participate in the rallies and Tele Town Halls, a positive influence will be had on others and it will help the number of followers a candidate has to swell.

All campaigns run on donated funds and this reason is another purpose of the robocall messages. A simple call for donations will bring in funds to help keep the campaign funded and provide the candidate a chance to be elected to office. This is a cold hard fact, without funds a candidate can’t successfully operate a campaign.

Do Robocalls have to all be of Original Content?

No, robocall content can be anything a candidate wants to put into it. This can include the short billboard messages or even a portion of a speech made at a campaign rally. The robocall messages can help get new messages out and can help cement the old messages in the minds of the voters.

What is true is that the more a message is heard, the easier it is to remember. With robocalls, the same message can be sent again and again to help the voters remember what the candidate wants them to remember. It can be as simple as ‘candidate X is the person that cares’.

Can Robocalls help Educate the Voters?

Yes, the messages sent out by a candidate using robocalls can be of informative nature. The most typical message is reminding the voters of the candidate and their values, but so much more can be sent.

The issues that are important to the candidate can also be sent out in a series of calls. These messages can be titled in numerous ways like ‘today’s message’ or ‘issue of the day’. You can also have them identified by numbers as with ‘first in a series’ of topics important to the candidate. The greater the number of facts being released by a candidate’s campaign, the better the public will view the candidate in a favorable fashion.

With a series of messages being sent out in a staggered format, the recipients can look forward to the new messages with the information about their candidate they like. They will then have fresh content on hand when they discuss the upcoming election with their family, friends and coworkers. This type of support is very common in today’s American society. Voters are known to strongly support candidates and are active in voicing their opinion when and where they can.

The more voters know about how a candidate stands on the issues, the better they can be a voice for the candidate amongst their peers. With fresh content daily, this voice can help sway others to join the cause of getting your candidate elected to office. Word of mouth is still alive in this new modern digital age.

There are many parts to a campaign in getting your candidate elected to office. Getting the voters the accurate information about your candidate is a large part of that process so they can stand out amongst the others running for that particular office. Robocalls play an important part of that system of getting the information to the voters so they are educated about your candidate.

Robocalls are Cost Effective Way of Getting the Word Out About Your Candidate

Robocalls are also cost effective and simple to implement so the staff of a candidate does not need to spend a great amount of time dealing with this to keep it moving in the right direction. The use of Robocalls is a cost effective way of generating interest in a candidate without breaking the bank. It is also less costly than having a political call center.

Robocall is the fastest and simplest path to getting a message directly from the candidate to the voter in a cost effective manner that will produce positive results. The staff at Robocall know the voters in your district and how to contact them. This knowledge and path to getting your candidate’s message to the voting public can make the difference in getting elected or not.